The ZPS Swiss 12 axis is dedicated to machining complex parts from the bar up to 32 mm (1.259″). The ZPS Swiss 12 axis takes bar with a diameter of  13 (0.511″), 20 (0.787″), 26 (1.023″), and 32 mm (1.259″). The ZPS Swiss is the ideal  solution to manufacture complex parts with high productivity. It is easy to use for the operator with the Fanuc 32i, and large opening doors for easy accessibility. ZPS Swiss machines enable machining a workpiece with up to 4 tools simultaneously. A sliding headstock with stroke of 410 mm enables the simultaneous machining of several parts in a row with the single clamping of a collet. A through-fed counterspindle allows part lengths of up to 6 feet. 23 tool positions enable fast transfer from one part to another. Because 14 of these positions can be driven, the machine can readily machine even the most complex parts when fully equipped.


  • Up to 4 Tools in the Cut
  • Up to 23 Tools with 14 Powered, All Working Simultaneously with 12 Independent Axes
  • Quick Tool Changeover Tooling
  • Ergonomic and Easy Access
  • Cast Iron Base for Rigidity and Vibration Dampening
  • Programmable Guide Bushing Allowing the Use of Standard Cold Drawn Bars


Max Bar Diameter 26mm (1.023″) 32mm (1.259″)
Spindle Draw Tube I.D. 33mm (1.299″) 33mm (1.299″)
AC Motor Power (100/60%) 5.5 / 7.5 kW 5.5 / 7.5kW
Max Spindle Speed 8000 rpm 8000 rpm
Stroke of Headstock 410mm (16.141″) 410mm (16.141″)
Max Bar Diameter 26mm (1.023″) 32mm (1.259″)
Spindle Draw Tube I.D. 26.5mm (1.043″) 26.5mm (1.043″)
Max AC Motor Output (100/60%) 3.7 / 5.5 kW 3.7 / 5.5 kW
Max Spindle Speed 8000 rpm 8000 rpm
9 Axes 4050kg (8928 lbs) 4050kg (8928 lbs)
12 Axes 4250kg (9369 lbs) 4250kg (9369 lbs)


  • Live tools
    • on rear tool slide
    • on front tool slide
    • on device for machining from front side
    • on unit for machining from rear side
  • “C”-axis on main spindle
  • “C”-axis on subspindle
  • Long parts ejection device
  • High-pressure coolant
  • Tool breakage detector
  • Bar feeder
  • Tool setting device