The 832 (1.250″) and 842 (1.653″) automatic bar capacity Multi-spindles have an AC drive for the feed, and optionally, for the spindle drive allowing spindle speed to be set  in 1 RPM increments. There are 8 cross slides, 8 end working slides and 4 Longitudinal slides in the 1,2,5 and 6 positions.  Using the longitudinal slides in conjunction with the cross slides will create two axis movement in these 4 positions, and optionally, can be controlled by CNC for more complex shapes. The slides are independently cammed for optimum feed rates for each position. The spindle carriage is manufactured with a high precision face gear lock up that allows the 832 & 842 to hold much tighter tolerances then your standard multi-spindle. These machines can also be equipped with spindle stopping, eliminating secondary operations.


  • Feed out in the 8th Position
  • Standard Rock Reel
  • Optional Automatic Barloader or Chucking
  • Cam Tower Overload Clutches
  • Drumlocking and Positioning by a Precision Face Gear
  • Heavy Cast Iron Base for Improved Rigidity and Accuracy
  • Heavy Backworking with Separate Pancake Slide Cutoff and Backworking
  • Optional CNC Backworking Slides


Main Spindles 8 8
Max Bar Diameter 32mm (1.250″) 42mm (1.653″)
Spindle Draw Tube I.D. 43mm (1.692″) 53mm (2.086″)
Max Bar Feeding Length 125mm (4.921″) 125mm (4.921″)
Spindle Speed Range 270-3750 rpm, 270-3200 rpm 200-3200 rpm
Drive Motor 37kW 37kW
Indexing Time 1s 1-1.3s


  • Bar stock feeding and clamping in the 4th station
  • Bar stop in the 4th station
  • Device for the general stopping of spindles – 832SAC and 842SAC versions
  • Hydraulic oriented stopping of spindles – 832SAC and 842SAC versions
  • NC oriented stopping of spindles – 832SAC and 842SAC versions
  • Pick-up spindle with hydraulically controlled collet clamping
  • Brake of the pick-up spindle
  • NC drive of the pick-up spindle
  • Hydraulically controlled tool slide for the cut-off side machining in the 8th and 4th stations
  • Tool holders
  • Tapping and thread chasing attachments
  • Reaming attachment High-speed drilling attachment
  • Push-broaching attachment
  • Drilling heads on frontal slides – two-spindle head, three-spindle head, four-spindle head
  • Extra-axial drilling, fixed
  • Extra-axial drilling, synchronous
  • Cross drilling Drilling, milling and threading units
  • Radial thread rolling
  • Workpiece marking
  • Thread milling and polygon machining at rotation
  • Thread chasing
  • NC compound slides for the 1st, 2nd, 5th and 6th stations
  • Preparation for the automatic bar magazine
  • Preparation for the oil mist exhaustion
  • Selection of the equipment for the swarfs carrying out and coolant in an independent sedimentation tank
  • High-pressure coolant and tool wash-out Setting-up for a part machining