At ZPS America, we have the only 80mm 8-spindle with 16+1 tool carriers, with up to 3 tools each. This is your solution for large, complex turned parts. With its quick change Capto tooling, the 867 CNC will help you manufacture these parts even more efficiently. The 867 CNC features 8 independently driven spindles with a C-Axis. Through our revolutionary patented drive concept, each spindle puts out 20 kW of power, all while remaining thermally stable. This machine is the only CNC Multispindle that can handle a  3″ bar diameter and a 12″ chucking diameter. The 867 CNC has a very high rigidity, was well as thermal stability, through its cast iron base.  It can also can manufacture two different simple parts at once – working as a double four spindle. Through its 16 tool carriers and Y Axis capability, the 867 CNC combines the speed of a rotary transfer machine, with the precision of a CNC turning machine tool.


  • 7 Independently Driven CNC Spindles at 3500 rpm
  • 16+1 Independent Tool Carriers
  • Capto Tooling for Quick Changeover
  • 2 Siemens 840D Controllers Standard
  • 5 Backworking Tools, 3 Driven
  • Front Open Chucker Version for Near-Net Shape Parts
  • Internet Serviceable
  • Quick Set Up and Inexpensive to Retool


Main Spindles 8
Max Bar Diameter 80mm (3.149″)
Spindle Draw Tube I.D. 82.5mm (3.248″)
Max Bar Feeding Length 200mm (7.874″)
Max Spindle Speed 3500 rpm
Power Per Spindle 20kW
Torque @ 1000rpm 191Nm
Indexing Time 1.5s
End Slides 8
Cross Slides 8
Cutoff Slides 1
Y Axis Stroke 110mm (4.330″)
Machine Weight 17,000kg (37,478 lbs)


  • Pick-up spindle with CNC controlled speed and collet fixing with hydraulic control
  • Other auxiliary equipment for longitudinal machining
  • Auxiliary equipment for profile openings
  • Slide for machining from cut-off side (1st tool holder)
  • Y-axis for cross slides in working pos. 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 ! Tool for radial and axial drilling and milling operations from the cut-off side
  • Driven tools with CNC controlled speed
  • Material feed at 1st operating position
  • Material clamping and stop at 5th operating position
  • Material feed at 5th operating position
  • Bar stock + stand
  • Pneumatic parts-catching attachment
  • Great selection of chip conveyor systems
  • Great selection of high-pressure tool cooling systems
  • Great selection of equipment for drilling, reaming, milling, extrusion, thread cutting and machining of polygons
  • Complete machinery adjustment and acceptance of machine at TAJMAC-ZPS premises