With simpler, smarter design, the TMZ 642 CNC gives you more efficiency and profitability. The 642 incorporates a patented innovative technical solution developed by our engineers, allowing the speed and AC motor power to be independently controlled for each spindle. This independence of each spindle allows the machine to perform any type of machining, including operations requiring spindle stopping or C-axis orienting. This makes the TMZ a real and complete turning and milling center. This machine even comes with ZPS’ own tMis software, a 2D programming software which allows CAD drawings to be imported to create a machine program.


  • 6 Independently Driven CNC Spindles
  • 12+1 Independent Tool Carriers
  • Capto Tooling for Quick Changeover
  • 2 Siemens 840D Controllers Standard
  • Advanced Maintenance Free Drive System
  • Hirth Coupling for Precision Drum Positioning
  • Highest Clamping Force Available in the Industry
  • Highest Spindle Torque in the Industry, Allowing the Use of Form Tools
  • Unmatched Thermal Stability and Precision
  • Internet Serviceable


Main Spindles 6
Max Bar Diameter 52mm (2.047″)
Spindle Draw Tube I.D. 53.3mm (2.106″)
Max Bar Feeding Length 150mm (5.905″)
Max Speed 5000 rpm
Power Per Spindle 7kW
Torque @ 1000rpm 66.8Nm
Indexing Time 0.7s
End Slides 6
Cross Slides 6+1
Y Axis Stroke 110mm (4.330″)
Machine Weight 10,750 kg (23,699 lbs)