The flexible all-around solution for electrolytic deburring and lowering capable of automation after startup.


Base Frame of Machine (Stainless Steel)

  • One Work Enclosure
  • Work Enclosure 1050 x 1050 mm (D x W)
  • Operating Side can be Selected

Control System with Power Supply Unit:

  • Installed in Separate Control Cabinet
  • Cabinet Movable for Maintenance (600mm Max)
  • Siemens Control with IPC
  • Operating Panel with 15” Touch Screen
  • Software with Recipe Management
  • Free Programmable Step Chain
  • Online Support

Power Supply:

  • Up to 2000A at 58V
  • Power Supply with or without Pulse Mode

Electrolyte Supply:

  • Up to 2 Machine Circuits
  • Circuits with Pressure & Flow Control
  • Cooling Circuit
  • Cleaning Circuit with up to 2 Filter Presses
  • pH-Value and Temperature Control
  • Monitoring of Conductivity