The Model Semi-Paxy CNC controlled plate positioning and punching system is designed for plate, angle & channel.  It is an X-Y coordinate positioning table utilizing a Windows-based touch-screen control with GEKA Pro PC software.  The Semi-Paxy may be factory fitted onto any GEKA Ironworker or Single-End Punch with a 20” or larger throat.


The Base Unit Consists of:

  • Mounting Plate
  • Set of 2 Positioning Carriages for the Stops, Driven by Brushless Motors
  • OMROM Control Unit
  • Set of Independent Servomotor Drives on each Axis, with Ball Screw and Encoder Readers

Operation Procedure as Follows:

  • The position of the holes to be punched is programmed at absolute or incremental elevations
  • When control is started, the stops for the first hole move into position
  • The material to be punched is placed against stops, and the punch pedal is activated
  • Machine punches a hole and the stops move on to the next hole position
  • Repeat the sequence until all holes have been punched


  • Standard X Tavel: 40”
  • Optional X Travel Extended Up To 220”
  • Y Travel: 16”, 20”, or 25”
  • Speed of both X and Y Axis: 24” to 480” per Minute
  • Positioning Tolerance: +/- 0.003”
  • Minimum Positioning Distance from Center-Line of Die: Less than 1”