With enormous work envelope and part capacity up to 1,200 pounds (545kg.), there are few EDM drilling jobs the RT6050 can’t handle. With automatic electrode and guide changing, extensive programming tools and our Fast Servo and Advanced Break-Through Detection, the RT6050 is one of the most advanced and versatile EDM Drillers available today.


  • High Capacity EDM Drilling Machine
  • Servo 3
  • 1000 Power Settings Read/Write
  • 3 Phase Drives
  • Teach Hand Pendent
  • Max Workpiece Weight on Indexer: 110lbs
  • Linear Ways and Precision Ground Ball Screws


X-Travel = 60in (1524mm)

Y-Travel = 50in (1270mm)

Z-Travel = 16in (406mm)

W-Travel = 30in (762mm)