The CT500V is an advanced vision inspection system fully integrated with Current EDM drilling machines. It automatically inspects round holes, outputs the offset looking down the nominal hole axis and stores a picture for future reference. The offset data is then used to offset hole position in drilling programs.


The CT500V is calibrated by first scanning a known ‘in-spec’ master part.  Using the same positioning data as the EDM drilling program, the master part is scanned and hole locations are saved in control memory.  Results from subsequent inspections will be save and are automatically compared to the master program.  Recorded deviations can be analyzed and manipulated in a variety of ways and the newly corrected program can be transferred back to the EDM drilling machine.


  • Vision Inspection System
  • Built-In Digital I/O, Serial Communications and Ethernet Networking for Open Connectivity to Other Equipment
  • Lighting and Optics Selected for your Application
  • Comprehensive, Full-Featured Vision Inspection Software
  • Graphical Environment for Fast and Flexible Applications Development and Deployment
  • Conventional Programming for Setup of Complex Vision Applications


X Travel = 22.5 in (559 mm)

Y Travel = 14 in (356 mm)

Z Travel = 10 in (250 mm)