About NSM


North South Machinery, founded in 1985 by CEO Jim Swartzbaugh, quickly gained notoriety by becoming the West Coast distributor of Mitsubishi EDM products, and building a prestigious reputation in the non-traditional machining industry in the process.  Over the course of the next several decades, North South expanded its offerings and expertise to include a wide variety of conventional, non-traditional, and fabrication technologies.

While quality product lines and an expert sales team have long been cornerstones of the North South business model, it’s the un-ending desire to create raving fans of each one of its partners that has fueled its longevity.  NSM prides itself on not as a run of the mill machinery dealer, but as an investment company, investing in the success of each one of our partners across a wide range of industries.

With a company-wide passion for all things motorsport, North South Machinery knows that there is no podium celebration without an all-star team of people and the right equipment propelling you to the checkered flag.  North South’s formula is simple:  Attitude + Performance = Successful Long Term Relationships.

Attitude + Performance = Successful Long Term Relationships.North South Machinery